Supporting American Farmers

Hand Poured, Handmade Pittsburgh Soy Candle, Feel free to browse through our store and shop with confidence. Our hand poured 100% Soy candles are made with the natural oil from soy bean plants so they burn cleaner and emit significantly less soot. That means more enjoyment and healthier air quality for you and your family!!!

Pittsburgh Soy Candles are homemade all environmentally friendly 100% Natural Soy Wax Candles with no additives.  All of our candles are hand poured with love and care.  Our candles are made with lead free all-natural cotton wicks!  We offer a large variety of premium fragrance essential oils scent to be added to your candles.

Soy Candle Care:  Soy Jar candles have memory; each time you light your soy candle it remembers how far across the surface it melts.  We recommend for better results and longer enjoyment of your soy candle to let the candle surface completely melt or liquefy across the surface before extinguishing.  By doing this you will enjoy a longer lasting soy candle and it will help to prevent tunneling down the center.  Most important is to always keep your wick trimmed to 1/4 inch.

Why buy Soy Candles?  Soy Candles are made from Soy wax which is hydrogenated soybean oil.  Soy wax candles have noticeable advantages over paraffin wax candles.  Paraffin wax is made from petroleum derivatives and is the main reason why paraffin wax candles smoke and leave soot on your walls and furniture; as well as leaving  your candles jars black with soot around the edges.

Soy Wax:  is environmentally friendly because it is made from soybeans which are a renewable source and it supports the farmers here in the USA.  Soy beans are grown in American farmer fields, and then processed into soy wax here in the USA, which make this product a win, win situation for the American people.  The majority of paraffin candles sold today are cheap paraffin candles from other countries which does NOT support American made, our Farmers and our economy!

Beware of companies who say they sell Soy candles; anyone can sell what they call Soy candles as long as it contains at least 25% Soy wax.  Companies will mix Soy wax and Paraffin wax and call them Soy candles.  Be sure to ask if their candles are 100% natural Soy wax candles with no additives.

Tip to Identify Pure Candles:  Soybean wax is a natural product and is made from soya beans and other natural botanical ingredients. Soy candles naturally have a frosting or bloom throughout the wax and it is most noticeable in jar candles that have dye or colored wax. This is the main reason we stock pure soy wax candles with no color, but do offer dye or colored wax when requested. Frosting or bloom does not affect the scent throw or the burning properties of the candle. Frosting or Bloom is a crystal growth of vegetable oils and will cause the candle to look dry, which is simply a characteristic of that crystal structure. You can minimize the frosting by keeping your candle out of direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting. Weather changes can also cause additional frosting. Even though it is almost impossible to stop the frosting or bloom in soy wax, it is just a natural feature of a wonderful wax. So remember if you are looking for a pure 100% soy candle always look for the frosting or bloom and you will know it is a pure soy candle.


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